Posted by: Christine Adams | October 5, 2009

Say Thank You…We Appreciate Your Business: Part 2

Two months ago I wrote a blog about writing thank you cards to say you appreciate your client’s business. This post has had more hits than any other I have written. All of the traffic is coming from search engines. During this economic climate it is important to find ways to express to your clients that their business really is important to you. So I have decided to write another post with more creative ways than sending a simple card….which I always suggest as your first step.

1. Business to Business – When I was in radio sales, I used to take a treat to the offices I conducted business with after (not before) the sale was complete to thank them for their business. I would bring donuts and muffins in the morning, Starbucks in the afternoon or Keva Juice during the middle of the day. I rewarded not only the decision maker but the staff as well. This was always a nice touch to say thank you and create raving fans.

thankyou32. Business to Customer – Give them something for free even if it’s not your product. The best example I can think of was when I went through a long custody battle. When the case was complete, to my surprise my attorney sent me a gift certificate to a local, scrumptious restaurant. Not only did it show her good taste, it made me feel like she valued me as a client.

3. Just About Anyone – Add value to your client’s experience. Don’t offer, just give them an upgrade to their service. There are plenty of creative ways each and every business can think of to produce product beyond the customer’s expectations. This goes a long way in the consumer’s mind in the sense that not only did they receive something for free but you actually took the time to thoroughly think through their needs and you came up with an inventive idea to enhance their finished product.

I will refer back to my original post and tell you that the best thing you can do is use those two simple words sincerely. Look them straight in the eye and without being phony or exaggerated, tell them thank you like you mean it! As we struggle through these times, no one means more to our businesses than the fans that support us. However you choose to show it, do not miss one opportunity to say thank you, we appreciate your business!


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