Posted by: Christine Adams | September 26, 2009

Small Business of the Week: Atomic Stone – Marble and Granite Fabrication

atomic stone

I recently collaborated with a company who decided to hold a raffle at our Chamber Mixer. During these difficult economic times this company was willing to donate a $14,000 granite kitchen remodel. 100% of the proceeds from raffle tickets sold were donated to Food for Thought, a caring non-profit group who provides food to our community’s hungry, homeless children. The company is called Atomic Stone, they are based out of Carson City, NV and they are very worthy of mention as my Small Business of the Week.

Here are some notable qualities about the company:

  • Environment: They believe wastefulness of their precious materials should not be tolerated.
  • Tradition: They believe that mindful craftsmanship will last for many generations.
  • Personal Service: The amount of time they spend with a client varies by their needs, not the size of the job. They also invite you into their home to view the work they have done for themselves.

A bit about the marketing opportunity they chose to pursue:

  • They partnered with complementary businesses to provide a complete kitchen makeover. This increased the value of the raffle prize and encouraged more tickets to be sold.
  • They got involved with a worthy cause which not only made them feel good about themselves and their company but it also gave Atomic Stone a considerable amount of press on their promotion.
  • They showcased their talents at a local event. It was no mistake that they choose our Chamber Mixer to give away the grand prize. We consistently have a large draw in a relaxed and fun environment.

In the end they raised over $8,000 for Food for Thought with raffle tickets selling for $20 each. (That is quite the accomplishment in my opinion.) The winner of the prize donated an additional $1,000 for a grand total of over $9,000 to help our homeless children. What an incredible gesture for all of the companies that were involved. It was very well received by the public, by the press and by the non-profit beneficiary. I am sure there are many grateful children that would like to thank them.

From a marketing perspective it was probably the best thing they could have done for their business in this economic climate. It drew a lot of attention to a business that consumers may have never recognized. It probably prompted many households to consider a kitchen remodel and now they will have a preference on who they will hire when they choose to utilize the service. It also gave them extensive positive publicity, which any company can use at any point in time. Kudos to Atomic Stone for a job well done!


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