Posted by: Christine Adams | September 13, 2009

Small Business of the Week: Moms Like Me


Moms Like Me is an online community where moms can gather to discuss topics of interest to them. There are website listings for 40 of our 50 states and many of the states have several city listings. This is site is a forum where moms can feel comfortable asking for advice, sharing stories and posting pictures.

What I find to be so spectacular about this site is that it draws a specific community of people together that may otherwise feel somewhat secluded. They are able to engage in conversation with each other, set play dates and find local activities for their children to participate in. They also have discussion boards and a market place where moms can purchase products from each other.

Our local chapter in Reno has been involved in community service projects such as clean up efforts. They go on monthly hikes together and set-up Momslikeme activities that everyone can partake in. All activities sponsored by Momslikeme must be free to participants. Local businesses donate products or services to provide a safe environment for these activities, which in turn exposes their businesses to a new group of consumers.

This program fosters community involvement, partnerships, and it brings people with common interests together who may have never known each other under and other circumstances. This is an excellent example of a business model that exists for the greater good. If there are any moms reading this post, or businesses that could use more exposure I encourage you to check into your local chapter.


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