Posted by: Christine Adams | August 29, 2009

Get Involved with a Worthy Cause


Today we had a group discussion about the state of affairs in the world and an interesting point was made. “People are sitting back waiting for someone else to take responsibility for change.” Changing the world may seem like an enormous feat, but in my opinion we, as individuals, have the ability to change our corner of the world. Small efforts by numerous people have the ability to make a difference!

Everyone is passionate about something. I have heard a lot of people say that they have little time in their schedule to volunteer or join a worthy cause. This presumption is incorrect. Non-profit organizations do not require hours of dedication. What they are looking for caring individuals who take a genuine interest in their cause and give small amounts of their time or their thoughts to bring awareness to their organization.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs are the elite of our society. Our businesses prove how many resources we have at our disposal. We have the largest networks, we are used to coming up with unique, out of the box ideas, and we are capable of putting together a project from start to finish. These qualities are exactly what non-profit agencies need.

Getting involved in a cause you are passionate about strikes a positive inner chord and creates a feeling of fulfillment. It challenges you learn about others’ needs and it brings awareness to issues you may not have known existed. It will also help your business. People like to support businesses that support their community and truly do nice things to help people in need. Get involved! It will be a remarkable experience.

The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers.  ~Everett Mámor



  1. How simple yet profound is your message, Christine. Volunteers are critical to generating real change in our communities, especially in this era of budget cuts. We marketers have the communications skills and resources to be a powerful force in rallying volunteers to support critical programs and initiatives. My blog ( is dedicated to this message and I invite you and your readers to use this as a resource, too. As Ted Kennedy said, “Change is in the air.” Good luck to you!

    • Thank you for the comment LuAnne! Your message is one with a very important lesson. We may not all be a Ted Kennedy but we can all certainly do our part to evoke change! I will be following your blog. Thanks again and best of luck to you! Warm Regards, Christine

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