Posted by: Christine Adams | August 28, 2009

Small Business of the Week

Each week I will bring you a highlighted business that I believe is doing something spectacular. These will be small businesses that have some sort of extraordinary quality. It may be that they are a productive member of their community, they may have a unique way of adding value to their clients or they may showcase a unique talent or art form. Please use this weekly post to discover new and exciting businesses, take away lessons from what they are doing and build a referral or partnership network.

The inaugural post will be a company very near and dear to my heart…SES Nevada which is comprised of Red’s Old 395 Grill and the Little Waldorf restaurants.

Red’s Old 395 Grill – Carson City, NVOutsideBuilding

The staff at Red’s Old 395 Grill has a great sense of pride and community. It is a rare occasion that anyone has less than an excellent experience when they dine at Red’s. Part of the reason that the service staff is so pleasant and efficient is because they are truly part of a family and they are proud of the organization they belong to.

A very family oriented business that gives back to their community, Red’s focuses a lot of attention on children. Of course they would like the dining experience at the restaurant to be memorable, so they offer plenty of children’s promotions such as the Birthday Club and Frequent Meal Cards along with providing toys and school supplies. They have even revised the Kid’s Menu to include healthy choices for the little ones!

The extent of them reaching kids of all ages does not end at their door. Red’s has designed programs that stretch out to the surrounding school districts and the local library. They have created a Reading Rewards program that encourages children to read 5 age appropriate books and offers them the incentive of a free meal. Academic Achievement Awards, distributed by the local teachers, promote productive and positive behavior from our youth within our schools.

The generosity doesn’t end there. They also donate their time and product to many children organizations such as Food For Thought, Boys and Girls Club, and the March of Dimes. The most important part about the work they do with children is that they do it because they believe in our future, they truly love kids and they sincerely enjoy being a productive part of the community!

Little Waldorf – Reno, NVDiningRoom

The Little Waldorf was established in 1922 and now resides in its final resting home, located across from the University of Nevada, Reno campus. SES Nevada took ownership of this property about 4 years ago. Since the inception of new management, there has been a strong urgency to care for the social issues that go along with being located in close proximity to campus.

The Little Wal, as everyone calls it, is an industry leader in the responsible serving of alcohol. Members of SES Nevada attend regular Environmental Strategies meetings through Join Together Northern Nevada. This group’s mission is to prevent underage drinking and binge drinking by young adults. They also provide education of the alcohol industry’s marketing methods and how it effects our youth.

According to the Center for Disease Control, underage drinking is on the rise and 90% of that consumption is in the form of binge drinking. The Little Waldorf’s perspective is that they can be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Through education on current issues surrounding the industry and the use of thoughtful advertising and marketing strategies, they are able to position them as a fun and safe environment.

From a day to day operations perspective, the staff at the Little Waldorf is extremely strict on carding procedures and confiscates fake or altered identification cards so they are no longer on the street. They are always conscience of the level of intoxication of their guests. They call taxi cabs when necessary and leave thank you notes on the cars of patrons who make the responsible decision to leave their vehicle overnight.

The Little Waldorf also works closely with the Student Conduct office to better understand the trends in alcohol consumption amongst the students. They stay in close contact with the Athletics Department since their stadiums are located directly across the street. The staff genuinely reaches out to learn from, and assist with, any and all University departments that would like to share their knowledge and perspective. Another excellent example of a business that embraces their community and cares about our youth!


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