Posted by: Christine Adams | August 9, 2009

Showcase Your Talent at Local Events

Local events offer a prime location to gain exposure to showcase your talent to a vast audience. The leads you generate will far outweigh the investment required to participate. Most local events spend a great deal of money on advertising to attract people to the event. This is a perfect opportunity for you to capitalize on substantial promotion. It also shows your support for your community and it creates raving fans from organizers of the event, who will likely refer business your way.

My favorite success story of a merchant that profited from a local event was that of Graham Bergh of Resource Revival. Clock.Sprocket.WallWhen I lived in Dallas, Texas, 8 years ago, I went on vacation to Portland, Oregon and attended the Saturday Market. The most unique item I found, a souvenir I took home, was a necklace made out of ball bearings. The artist at the market made all of his jewelry out of recycled bicycle parts. Five years later, I arrived in Reno and was shopping at a local boutique when I saw a clock that reminded me of this artist’s work. When I mentioned it to the boutique owner, she said, “Yes that is the same gentleman that got his start at the Portland Saturday Market!” Since then I have come across his pieces in national catalogs such as, Uncommon Goods. The company has expanded to employ several artists who make everything from Bike_Chain_Bowl.Fullcandlestick holders, to tables, to picture frames…all still out of bicycle parts. Even though I do not personally know Graham, I am proud of him and when I wear my necklace, I think of what an amazing entrepreneurial success story he is!

If there was one thing that I learned from selling advertising it was that the more times a potential customer hears or sees your name, or in this case your flair, the more likely they are to react. So get out there and expose yourself to as many people as possible. Who knows you may be selling your products or services on a national level sooner than you think.


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