Posted by: Christine Adams | August 8, 2009

WOW… It’s the WOW Factor Again!

There are so many articles written about “The WOW Factor,” yet somehow businesses miss it on a consistent basis. Simply put it means exceeding your clients’ expectations and adding value to their experience. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, everyone benefits from companies that go the extra mile!

Here are 5 tips for WOWing your clients:

1. Under Promise and Over Deliver:

Most of us equate this to a time factor. Debbie Jenkins makes an excellent point in her blog, We Got It Wrong: Never Under Promise & Over Deliver. If a project is delivered to a client early, they may think they were over charged for your time. The other pitfall may be that their expectations become “the service you have created in your fantastic under promised way.”

I disagree with Debbie in the sense that I believe this concept can be used in an appropriate manner. Rather than using this tip as a time factor, work to add more “value” to your client’s project than what they expected.  Value may come in the form of using an upgraded material, making suggestions for the next project, or ideas on how to enhance the execution of the project you just completed.

2. The Art of Accessibility :

accessibilityWithin reason, we should always be accessible to our clients. That does not mean when you get a call from a client you should hop on a laptop during your day off at the beach with your family. What it means is that you should acknowledge your clients when they need to reach you. In today’s handheld world, a simple response can go a long way. Respond to your clients concerns and give them a reasonable expectation of when you will address issue. Your clients will relax when they know that you have received the message and are on task.

3. Reward Loyal Clients:

As a way of thanking people for their business, reward loyal clients when they least expect it. You can reward clients in a variety of ways. Of course everyone enjoys a monetary discount from time to time. In the spirit of being creative, let’s look past the obvious. Do you have the ability to endorse your client by posting a review of their business on your website? What would they think if you spontaneously sent the office personnel lunch one day? You know your clients better than anyone, think of something out of the box and thank them for being a loyal customer.

4. Customize Your Solutions:

Everyone has the standard list of premade packages and services to sell. It is a rare occasion to find a company that takes the time to understand their clients’ industry and business from their perspective. Dig deep, ask the right questions and see what you can do to tailor your solutions to the individual business. When you create custom solutions you convey that you have put forth the time and effort to understand your clients and that you have a genuine interest in their success.

5. Be Thoughtful of Your Work Space:office

Always be aware of your environment, clients will judge you based on your surroundings. For example, a clean and organized desk will tell a client that you are methodical, structured and prepared. Consider the comfort level of your space including sights, sounds and smells. Your color scheme should be calm, the music level should be low enough to foster conversation and the aroma should be pleasant. When a client leaves your office, they may not know why, but they will think to themselves, “Wow, I really enjoy working with that company.” Clients will translate the space you work in to how you will interact within your partnership.

Adding value to your clients experience with your business creates the WOW factor. It’s not as difficult as it seems if you just practice thinking outside of the box. If you focus on how you would like to be treated when you spend money with a business more ideas are likely to follow. While enacting unique ideas may seem uncomfortable at first, the reaction you get will make you want to practice WOWing your clients everyday!

“You do not get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.”- Jim Rohn


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