Posted by: Christine Adams | August 3, 2009

Say Thank You… We appreciate your business


Thank you. Two simple words that will help you retain your clients and grow your business. In the electronic era that we live in today, business relationships have gotten a little less personal. A handwritten thank you note puts you one step closer to building a personal relationship with your clients. Consider how you feel when you receive a handwritten note in the mail; your clients are no different.

This is a low-cost way for you to show your appreciation. It will make your client feel pleased that they chose to spend their money with your business. Your gratitude will likely be passed on through word of mouth advertising, which we all know is the most effective and inexpensive way to market your business.

If your clients are anything like me, your card will end up on their desk or pinned to a bulletin board in their office. This will be viewed by other people who do business with your client, possibly even your competitors. Professionals that set themselves apart from their competition through thoughtful communication become memorable. Differentiate yourself today by writing those two simple words.

“It is never crowded along the extra mile.” ~Wayne Dyer


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