Posted by: Christine Adams | August 3, 2009

Do They Walk With Purpose?

Your employees are a DIRECT reflection on your business. People can be taught the skills to help your business thrive but they must first have the inherent belief in a strong work ethic. Hiring and retaining the proper staff is crucial to how your customers will view your business.

purposefulwalkWhen interviewing a potential candidate, consider the following exercise: Ask them to meet you at a table across the room and watch how they walk. You should be able to tell how confident they are based on their posture. Pay attention to how quickly they walk. Do they look like they are on a mission or out for a Sunday stroll? When you arrive at the table, check to be sure they are prepared. Do they have a pen? Are they taking notes? Did they come prepared to ask questions about your business, their potential position and your expectations? Of course the interview itself will also be a determinant in whether or not you hire the candidate, but following these simple steps you will give you an immediate impression about this person and how your customers will perceive them when they are working for you.

Once you have hired your employees consider the 20-60-20 rule:

  • 20% of your staff will always be your top producers
  • 60% of your workforce will sit on the fence and
  • 20% of your employees are weak performers

Whichever one of the 20% groups that is strongest will sway your middle 60. Encourage your top 20 to become leaders and trainers. Focus on your underperformers so they continue to try to meet your expectations. The middle 60 will follow the lead.

Revaluate your staff on a regular basis and make sure they continue to walk with purpose. If they are not consistently on a mission, then it is likely they are wasting your time and money. Most importantly you want your customer to see your employee’s purpose and that is to add value to their experience.


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